Sensational Kids has a wide variety of fidget toys for both children and adults. Fidget toys can be useful to give children/adults something to squeeze, click, twist, chew, push or pull whilst having to remain seated and attend in school or at a meeting. Using fidget toys can help to regulate our sensory systems making it easier to maintain the desired level of arousal; a calm alert state -allowing you to be more attentive. All of our fidget toys are small and discreet. They are appropriate in many different environments including classrooms. There are lots of options from fidgets that provide tactile input, fidgets you can stretch or squeeze or chewy fidgets for your mouth. Most of us are expected to sit for longer periods of the day whether in work or in school, a fidget can really help to support us to attend and concentrate. You can find all of these on our fidget toys category on our online store at ©





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Puffy Penguin

This air-filled penguin can be stretched and squeezed in any direction, but always returns to its...
€ 3,50

Aku Ring

They are the ultimate tactile toy!
€ 6,00

Astro Crazy Ball

This ball is brilliant fun for all ages.
€ 4,00

Attribute Nuts and Bolts

Little builders tackle the basics with large nuts and bolts that fit together easily.
€ 35,00

Bendable Smiler

Long limbed flexible figure that bends into all sorts of positions and stay that way.
€ 3,00

Bog Eyed Bugglies

Stretchy, squashy worm-like creatures with immense appeal.
€ 3,50