Music & Sound Toys

Music & Sound Toys

Musical toys and toys that make sounds and music plus children's music cds

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Animal Jack in the Box

Turn the handle listen to the song and wait for the surprise. The surprise is well, quite a...
€ 20,00

Classic Pets Sound Puzzle

Realistic sounds are played when the puzzle pieces are properly placed on the board
€ 12,50

Complete CD Collection not modified

The Kidz Jamz® music series features a collection of children’s songs and child-friendly pop songs...
€ 140,00

Cool Bananas CD

Cool Bananas was created to provide children with a selection of strong, regulated rhythms to...
€ 30,00

Duck Whistles Pack of 2

Excellent for lip closure and strengthening, these adorable beak-shaped whistles make a fun "duck...
€ 5,00

Fire Truck Sound Puzzle

This shiny red fire engine makes fire engine sounds when all nine peg pieces are correctly placed...
€ 12,50