Chewy Tubes

Chewy Tubes

Our oral motor section is designed to help with problems of oral motor dysfunction and motor planning, because these functions are often the basis of diffiulties in feeding, eating, drinking and speaking.

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Ark Grabber XT Green

ARK's Grabbers are designed so that children can hold them by themselves.
€ 12,50

ARK Z Vibe Brush Tip

This double-sided Brush Tip was created in order to soften the transition into tooth brushing for...
€ 15,00

Ark Z Vibe Cat Mouse SOFT Pink Tip Set

ARK's popular Hard Cat-n-Mouse Tip Set is available here in a soft, chewy version made out of the...
€ 26,00

ARK Z Vibe with Blue Tip

ARK Z Vibe® is a unique vibratory tool with extraordinary versatility for oral placement therapy.
€ 45,00

Berries Necklace

Very chunky beads approx 28mm in diameter in fun vibrant colours.
€ 18,00

Bite Tube Set 4 Pack

This set of "Bite Tubes" includes one each of the red and yellow Chewy Tubes and purple and green...
€ 48,00