Scissors & Cutting

Scissors & Cutting

These scissors are sharp. They can cause injury if not used properly. ALL CHILDREN SHOULD BE SUPERVISED WHEN USING SCISSORS. In addition to their utility for cutting things, scissors provide an important learning experience for children. They help develop the young hand for many hand skill tasks including handwriting. Adaptive scissors offer this same experience to those with limited hand function.

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Benbow Scissors

These 3" right handed scissors, known as Benbow scissors, are perfectly sized for children's...
€ 9,00

Bubble Tongs Scoopers

You'll LOVE our all new scissor-like Bubble Tong™ scoopers!
€ 6,00

Cutting Activities

It's a great resource for helping children build their pre-writing and fine motor skills!
€ 16,00

Cutting Skills

Contains 48 A4 photocopiable pages of imaginative and challenging activities.
€ 23,00

Dough Scissors

Our easy-cutting scissors feature safe, plastic blades that smoothly slice through dough…but won’t...
€ 2,00

Easigrip Scissor s Left Hand Green

Lightweight and easy to use scissors that automatically open when pressure is released.
€ 15,00